Hi Visitors!

Thanks for visiting of my blog and let me know and my blog description given bellow.

I have been working in a commercial bank since 2004. During the job time I faced many critical situation to perform my duty. I like to share some information of daily banking operation.

The site can helps to banker and non banker to understand banking. Any one can easily understand the transaction of a bank.

I will be very happy, If any one commented to my contents.

It will be highly appreciated If you write on banking diploma subject or question wise.

Please send your content or notes  at suhag603@gmail.com

Thanks again

Rokibul Hasan

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6 Responses to About

  1. reiad says:

    Thank you … you are doing a wonderful wonderful joB.

  2. sayem says:

    I am in a NBFI & need to admission in Banking diploma. Can u help me

  3. Manjur says:

    what is admission process?

  4. Arifur Rahman says:

    Tanx for important note.its very need for me

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