Detailed Syllabus of Principles of Economics & Bangladesh Economy

MODULE A: Concepts of Economics and Demand Supply Analysis

Economics, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost
Micro and Macro Economics
Law of Demand and Supply
Changes in Demand and Supply
Demand Supply Interaction
Market Equilibrium
Shortage and Surplus
Price Ceiling and Floor
Price Elasticity
Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand

MODULE B: Production, Cost and Marketing Structure

Theory of Production and Cost
Law of Variable Proportions
Returns to Scale
Short and Long-run Costs
Different forms of Market
Perfect Competitions
Oligopoly and Monopolistic competition
Their Characteristics and Equilibrium Situation

MODULE C: Macroeconomics

Overview on Macro economics
Macro economic goal
Policies and accounts
Macro economic Accounts – National Income Account, Fiscal Account, Monetary Account and BOP Account
Macro economic Policies and their Interactions

MODULE D: Bangladesh Economy

Structure and Macroeconomics performance of Bangladesh Economy
Investment and Capital Formations
Fiscal and Monetary Policies of Bangladesh
Unemployment and External Sector Situation of Bangladesh



Banking Diploma Examination, May 2012

Principles of Economics and Bangladesh Economy

Time-hours                    Full marks-100                                                 Pass marks-50

[N.B. Figures in the right-hand margin indicate full marks. Answer any five questions]

1. (a)” Economics is the science of wealth”.-Discuss                                                                  10

(b) Explain the relationship between (i) Economics and Political Science and

(ii) Economics and statics.                                                                                                          10

2. (a) What are the main characteristics of an indifference curve?                                         10

(b) Explain with the help of a budget line and indifference curve how a consumer reaches

the highest level of satisfaction.                                                                                             10

3. (a) What is the price elasticity of demand ? State the formula.                                           10

(b) Show how the quantity demanded of a commodity responds to price changes when

(i) Demand is perfectly inelastic (ii) Demand is perfectly elastic, and when                      10

(iii) Elasticity of demand is equal to unity. Use diagrams for each of the cases

4. (a) State the principal features of perfect competition.                                                         10

(b) How does an imperfect market affect the interest of an average consumer?              10

5. (a) What are the methods of computing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  of a country?                                                                                                                                            15

(b) Is high per capital income  the only measure of economic development?                    05

6. (a) What is inflation?                                                                                                                  08

(b) What, according to you, are the main causes of the present state of inflation in the country                                                                                                                                              12

7. (a) What is money? Discuss the functions of money?                                                            12

(b) State and explain the components of money supply in Bangladesh.                             08

8. (a) Why does Government borrow?                                                                                        07

(b) Discuss the domestic sources of government borrowing in Bangladesh and their likely

effect on the economy.                                                                                                               13

———-Reading Materials ———

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